Emotional performance indicators (EPI)

What´s that, and why you need to track it to success?

Emotional performance indicators (EPI)

What´s that, and why you need to track it to success?

In today’s digital era, new demands and capabilities evolve which effects businesses and organizations in all possible ways. Information is reused and aligned with business processes and other operations. This to increase efficiency and speed, to stand against new challenges and a rapidly changing market and business models.

Key performance indicators (KPI) are widely used to track critical and vital results for businesses  KPI:s enables business development based upon data where actions and priorities are taken to increase profitability. To visualize and analyze KPI:s, Qanion Analytics is a great, easy and secure tool to use.

Don´t only track the results produced, also understand the underlying term behind the results. Given environments and prerequisites affect the generated results.

To track the underlying environments affecting, management and employees will establish a solid ground for the future. Make everyone thrive in the organization, create outstanding teams and support each employee to perform optimally.

Qanion ePerformance makes all this possible. As it only requires 30 seconds to collect, the information can be done frequently to empower traceability and trend visualization.

Why you can't be without Qanion ePerformance

Minimal input, maximum output - let´s focus on what´s important

Thirty (30) seconds, that´s only needed to discover your EPI results.  The development of the product has been focused on creating a quick and user-friendly environment. This to make it easy to get started. This simplicity can over time evolve for advanced users as unlimited numbers of emotionally based indicators can be tracked within an organization.

Emotionally based indicators (EPI) and Qanion ePerformance isn’t based up any science. Instead, it´s leaned against the principals behind accurate and reliable statistics. The low investment of time drives high engagement, which generates excellent statistics. Everyone has thirty seconds to report their summarized emotions on target indicators on the specific tracking period.

For new users standard indicators are available. Just add employees email and connect them to a manager and start tracking. By this, you are ready to begin exploring how you and your organization scores on the BPI3 indicators – performance, management, and collaboration.

Three indicators to boost your EPI-based initiatives

Use the EPI3 indicators or add your own - Possible to track unlimited EPI:s

How satisfied are you with your performance?

The personal emotions connected to performance is an important indicator to track. This, to be able to support each individual within your organization, individually.

Due to this Qanion ePerformance can enrich you with insights which empowers an agile approach and transformative leadership.

Which emotion does your manager represent?

Develop your own and your manager’s leadership by understanding subordinate emotions and perceptions.

This indicator enables both a reactive method to foresee personnel to leave your company and capability to track decisions and how it´s received within your

How´s the collaboration with your colleagues been?

Capability to collaborate in groups and teams are today critical in all organizations. Functional teams generate better results and emit positively into your organization.

To understand the level of satisfaction in your teams and take action where it´s needed to increase the overall performance of your company is crucial.

Truly user-friendly with an intuitive workflow

Use the EPI3 indicators or add your own - Possible to track unlimited EPI:s

Add rules to your measurements - scope, frequency and how to report

Create unlimited numbers of surveys. Add one of the predefined rulesets or define your own. The rulesets define to whom, when and how the survey is provided.

This flexibility gives the capability to run a detailed survey on one part of your organization, meanwhile, an overall survey is running to for everyone in the organization.

Use predefined surveys or create your own in minutes

It´s easy to create new surveys in Qanion ePerformance, and you can create as many as you need. The standard surveys – EPI3, EPI6, and EPI9 quickly gets you going as a new user.

EPI3, EPI6, and EPI9 are set to give you the maximal output of minimal input. It only takes 30 seconds to report EPI3.

Qanion ePerformacne EPI 80x80 QA
Quality assurance
Validation of data and participators engagement

We support all new users of Qanion Analytics understanding and verifying quality of a survey. This to get accurate and valid insights during analysis.

It´s valuable to add a quality assurance report to each survey performed in the dairy section of the system. By this others can review the results, years later.

Instantly identify abnormal results and quickly get valuable insights

Visualization of data is presented to be intuitive and user-friendly. It´s made to be easy to analyze results both vertically and horizontally.

With a filter, you can review relevant information. Follow the progress of actions taken for improvements from trends and rate development, overall or on specific data points.

What EPI score would you get?

Why Qanion ePerformance?

Emotional indicators, to fully understand how to make your business successful

Standard features

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  • Efficient – takes 30 seconds to report
  • Intuitive online tool
  • Store and track important events in the diary
  • For all managers, top management and HR
  • Smart traceability features


Premium features

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  • Unlimited users
  • AI forecasting
  • API connection
  • Client branded smartphone app
  • Relation-based visualization


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